My name is Claire Litzen and i've struggled with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder for the majority of my life. Something I wish that people would understand about mental health, is that healing and growth are not linear. I used to punish myself for not getting better overnight, but that is not realistic. I have learned to give myself grace and love and accept the old versions of myself that I no longer recognize, while working to be the best version of myself for tomorrow.

Change and loss are two things I've had to experience closely this last year. I have had to grieve the idea of a life that I thought I would one day have, while working to build a new and current life. I've had to grieve both the lives of people who are still alive as well as those I will never see again. Grieving is not linear.

I do not have to face any of my struggles alone.

My name is Claire Litzen and I believe that WeCan.

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